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You want something new, fresh, and better than what you have now.  What is the best approach?  The most beneficial investment for your project is to obtain a professional interior designer that has experience, education, and keeps informed of industry developments.  This designer has the ability to capture the needs of the client in order to create an atmosphere that is pleasing for its residents and guests. 


Although some stores claim to provide free design services, their real interest is to install their furniture into the homeowner’s space.  Interior design is more than filling a room with a sofa, tables, lamps, etc.  True design is approaching the project as a whole.  Important factors include the structure, space, physical barriers, and budget. 

A professional designer is not restricted to using one manufacturer or store’s furniture and products.  It is the job of a professional designer to work with many manufacturers to locate the products that will create an individualized design for each client.  Before purchasing a cookie cutter design, homeowners should consider whether they want a personalized interior or one developed for duplication and frequent installation.  A truly individualized design will incorporate products with appropriate scale, color, texture, and variety.  There is nothing stylish about the ordinary and frequently repeated. 

Many homeowners find themselves confined to accepting overdone home interiors because they do not know where to turn.  Purchasing new furniture alone is never a cure for a dull environment.  To achieve comfort and style, working with an experienced and educated interior designer accredited by the American Society of Interior Designers will result in a unique and individualized custom home interior. 

A home interior should not be designed in a haphazard fashion.  Before undertaking your project, call Sherribeth to learn more about the services and help that can be provided.

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by Sherribeth Thompson - Personal Interiors

Kids are out of school….Now what? We know the seasons change quickly, and for the desert rats, we may want to create a place that feels like the ocean side – year round.

The change in your interior that will make the most impact is a life size photo mural. I chose a photo mural in lieu of a painted mural. This allowed us to create the most realistic look for the young girl’s room in a short amount of time. The remaining walls in the room were painted a shade of blue that existed in the sky of the mural. The wall application is like the makeup foundation put on the face. It is similar because a nice background is created. The next steps to enhance the interior can now be incorporated.

I added a mini canopy over the bed to give the feeling of a cabana by the ocean side. The fabric prints are not the same as the bedspread but have a similar feel. The custom dust ruffle and pillow shams are also made of similar fabrics, but not an exact match. This type of ensemble makes the bedding much more interesting. The materials are also environmentally friendly.

Now all we need is a CD that plays ocean sounds and we’re there!

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Color Your Room Cool

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It’s time to turn down the heat! Getting through the summer heat can be a huge challenge, especially if you’ve returned to the valley from a cool climate. There is a simple solution to making your interior rooms feel cool. Color it!

Colors have a huge impact on the way we feel. For instance, red will make us feel HOT. Blue will make us feel COOL. Think of the ocean, water, the sky in cool climates… Manufacturers realize this. How many people have incorporated blue color to their pools? Ice trays are blue. Minty COOL mouthwash is blue.

The most obvious starting place is incorporating blue or shades of blue (dark blue, light blue, white) paint to your rooms. Or you could include blue fabrics. If you’re crazy about blue this will be an easy change. If you’re thinking ‘seasonal’, this might not be the route to take. If you’re not up to painting all your rooms blue for a few months, a more realistic approach is to accessorize with blue.

Tabletop arrangements that have blue are a great way to incorporate the color. However, please do not use blue flowers (a definite designer no-no).

Bring in pillows that have blue. Pillows can be rotated seasonally. We see heavy marketing of this technique at Christmas time with the red and green decorative pillows.

Use blue candles. Again, these can be rotated seasonally. And of course, pick scents that have COOL themes (ocean breeze, misty mountain, etc.).

Let’s not forget lighting. Change your lampshades to shades of blue, or just change the light bulbs to blue!

Another great way to feel cool is to bring in pictures of things that make you feel cool: the ocean, and how about the artic? Our typical response is to think of the ocean, but many people forget about our Northern climate. Pictures of snow can help lend to the overall setting. Be careful if you choose to use the Northern climate influences. You don’t want to display a heavy faux mink throw and then have a relapse back to the heat you’re living in!

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