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To whom it may concern:

I am writing to you to inform you of my experience in purchasing furniture, drapes, and the like from your store in Chandler, Arizona. My designer was Sherribeth Thompson. Like you, I run a business and am aware of the importance of employees and understand that no business can be successful without the very best. Sherribeth Thompson is just that.

From the moment that I was introduced to her when I entered your store, I realized that I had an individual who was more concerned about doing a high quality job for me than simply selling furniture. She was most interested in my likes and dislikes and even when I was unable to articulate my thoughts regarding furniture, colors, etc., she seemed to intuitively understand what I would ultimately like and appreciate. She was able to quickly and unceremoniously show me patterns, fabrics, and styles of furniture that she somehow managed to determine would appeal to me. As I am sure you are aware, she has a terrific eye for color and form and is able to assemble all that is needed to make a home comfortable and pleasing to the eye.

As you know, an employee who is not only skilled and knowledgeable in her field, but also enjoys her work and is dedicated to serving customers, is invaluable. It is out of these characteristics and qualities that a customer receives the best advice and the best outcome. Sherribeth clearly took pleasure in doing her work and was always excited and happy to show me her ideas and discuss them with me. At no time did she even attempt to force her opinions or thoughts on me, but rather allowed me the time to evaluate her work product and see its merit.

As an added bonus, especially for someone like me, who is unable to visualize an interior design and layout, Sherribeth painted a picture of the rooms being furnished so as to show me what the outcome would be. This was a major help to me in selecting the products that she was suggesting. After a period of time, it got to the point where I could simply tell her what room needed furnishing and she could take it from there, assemble fabrics and styles, and show them to me, knowing that I would find them more than acceptable and somehow exactly what I wanted.

Because everyone’s time is limited, I would suggest that you give your best customers to Sherribeth because you can be confident that she will do a great job for them and they will continue to visit your store and recommend your products to others.

If there anything further, I can do to explain my great satisfaction and Sherribeth, please feel free to contact me.

Very truly yours,



Dear Commercial Building Manager and/or Homeowner:

We had the great fortune to have Sherri-beth assist us with the complete interior design of our new residence in Sun Lakes, Arizona. She is an outstanding designer with a passion for details and theme integration. She skilfully applies her expertise with her client’s ideas and desires. We have previously been involved in numerous home and office designs; we found Sherri-beth to be a highly skilled designer and very knowledgeable with various product lines.

Sherri-beth’s guidance and design layout options greatly enhanced our desired outcomes for each room. It is with great pleasure that we recommend Sherri-beth to assist you with your building/home design needs. She is a delight to work with.

Rick and Bonnie Hoath
Sun Lakes, Arizona


Greetings Kathee,

We are interested in your opinion of our services. Would you take a couple minutes to answer the questions below?

1. What did you like best about your experience with Personal Interiors?
The estimates were very close -- I exceeded my budget only because I requested additional details on the mural.

2. Did you feel Personal Interiors was able to help you establish a color theme and design concept that coordinated with your furnishings and décor?
Most definitely - Sherribeth worked with my current furnishings -- which I am sure was a challenge in itself!

3. Do you feel Personal Interiors was truly interested in providing useful, relevant, design information and service for you versus just trying to sell you a product?
Sherribeth provided me with a world of color through paint and room accessories without exceeding my budget.

4. Do you feel Personal Interiors was represented in a professional manner?
By all means!

5. Do you feel you received quality service?
Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes!

6. How do you feel Personal Interiors could improve service to you?
Be willing to come back again for my next project!


Hi Mrs. S,
I wanted to catch you before you went on leave for the summer. If you get a chance would you let me know what you think of the mural so far? Don't be afraid to voice any concerns. I will change something if I need to. I want you to love the mural!

LOVE THE MURAL!! It really adds to the "magic" of our learning journey! I am anxious for the kids, your drawing is wonderful. Thanks so much for taking on this task for the enrichment of our community!! See you next week!


Sherribeth far exceeded my expectation with her design! I had no idea how amazing her design would improve my space!


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